Findlay police release bodycam of suspect shooting at police who led officers on a high-speed chase

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Findlay Police released footage Tuesday of a police chase in which a man is accused of shooting at officers.

Findlay PD says officers tried to pull over Arthur Hall III, who had other people in the car at the time, for a traffic violation on Feb. 17, but he didn’t stop. He allegedly led police on a high-speed chase that reached speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

Police say at the end of the chase in Findlay, two of three people in the vehicle got out and ran away into the woods. Footage released Tuesday shows the moment shots rang out. Hall is accused of firing at police during the chase. The officer was not hurt and did not return fire.

A third passenger stayed in the car and followed police commands. He told officers a gun was thrown, but he wasn’t sure where. He went on to provide an officer with information to help police track Hall.

“Arthur Hall was the driver of the vehicle, and it was found that he had an APA pick up warrant through adult parole for failing to meet with his parole officer,” said Lt. Andrew Welch.

Police say he was convicted of theft and running from police.

“So we were able to get some information from the other two occupants. They were pretty helpful in the matter kind of product of the environment at the time,” said Welch.

Investigators say when Hall ran into the woods, he stole a car from a house in Findlay then drove it to Perrysburg, then Toledo, Monroe, and Sylvania where officers say he was involved in another high-speed chase.

Police used stop sticks to disable the stolen car he was driving and arrested him. They charged him with failure to comply and receiving stolen property.

He was in court in Toledo Tuesday where a judge set his bond at $75,000 no percent collectively across the two charges. He’s due back in court for the Toledo charges on Feb. 26 for a preliminary hearing.

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