Thai couple raid piggy bank and buy jewellery with 24 bags full of coins

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This is the amusing moment a Thai couple who raided their piggy banks bought jewellery – using 24 bags full of coins.

The pair, who make a living selling fried bananas, collected the small change over several years from their stall.

They then visited the gold shop in Nakhon Ratchasima province on November 27, wheeling a trolley loaded with plastic bags of coins. Instead of credit or cash, they hauled dozens of bags coins after being told the shop accepted those as payment.

The staff were shocked when they saw the 24 bulging coin bags being carted into the store, and proceeded to unpack them right away.

Footage shows the clerks patiently counting the coins, which totalled 120,000 THB (roughly 2,670 GBP). It reportedly took them about two hours to finish the tedious transaction at the UnghengliiT21 Korat gold shop.

From the coins, the couple were able to buy three gold necklaces with weights of 1-Baht, 3-Baht, and 4-Baht. One Baht is about 15.24 grams.

After the incident, staff said that they are still willing to accept coins but customers are now required to inform them a day ahead before buying.

Gold shop assistant Nong Bee said: ‘I was surprised when the couple brought all those coins. They said they had been saving them for about two years.

‘It took a long time for us to count all the coins and make sure the amount was right. However, it’s still money so it’s the same as someone paying by card, it just takes us longer to count them.

‘I’m thankful that people don’t use coins like that every day. It’s very rare. Most people use bank transfer or notes.’

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