Bodycam footage reveals attempted kidnapping arrest after man entices teen with candy and a drink

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Newly released footage from a police officer's bodycam shows an attempted kidnapper being arrested in Oklahoma City.

Edgar Ordones is accused of attempting to have a minor he just met at a store to get into his vehicle.

On September 18, an officer was dispatched to Meridian for an attempted kidnapping involving teens.

The victim told the officer that he was looking at drinks when an unknown man, Ordones, asked what he was looking at.

The boy responded to the man by saying that he was looking at the drinks.

The man then offered to get him a drink of his choice. The victim accepted the man's officer and chose a drink.

After choosing the drink, the juvenile said the man followed him to the counter, and while at the counter, the accused attempted kidnapper gave him a piece of candy.

The young boy told officers that the candy did not taste right. So, he spit it out.

The boy said while walking out, the man followed right behind him and told him to get into his vehicle.

The juvenile victim said he looked at him then the suspect started walking towards him and that is when a teen worker of the place yelled to not get in that car.

Ordones has been charged with kidnapping/abduction.

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