Mass shooting report reveals efforts by Baltimore police officers to save lives

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The new report into a mass shooting in Baltimore reveals shortcomings and makes recommendations, but it also reveals efforts by police officers to save lives.

The 173-page After Action Report into the Brooklyn Homes mass shooting on July 2 included several key findings and recommendations, and it also included the body-worn camera video of a police officer who responded to one of the victims and likely saved his life.

The video is very emotional and graphic and could be disturbing to some viewers. It shows Baltimore police Officer Losak arriving at the scene, where a man in a red shirt was asking for help.

"The ambulance is coming. Where? Where? We have multiple shootings," audio from the video says.

Losak started running to the victim.

"Adam 42, I'm being led to another victim," Losak said, speaking into his radio.

Once the officer arrived, the victim was lying on the ground.

"He's still breathing, he's still breathing," a girl in the video said.

"I've got to cut your shirt off," Losak said.

The officer did what he could to help with the victim's wounds but knew he needed to get the victim to a hospital and that he couldn't wait for an ambulance.

"Where are these medics?" Losak is heard saying.

"We can put him in my car and I can drive," a woman said.

"(Expletive) it. We're going to get him to my car," Losak said.

The officer ran back to his cruiser, drove to the victim and got help from bystanders to get the 19-year-old victim in the car.

"Alright, you guys, we (have to) get him upright, we (have to) get him in there," Losak said.

The officer told the victim: "I need you to fight, I need you to fight. Come on, bro. I need you to fight."

Losak then called for the victim's mother to get beside him in the car, and they rushed to a hospital. During the ride, there were some very emotional moments.

"Nooooooo, baby!" the mother is heard saying.

"Adam 42, I need you over by Harbor (Hospital), I'm coming in hot," Losak is heard saying, speaking into his radio.

"No! He's not breathing," the mother said.

"Hold on, hold on, just hold on, we're turning right here, we're turning here. (Expletive.) I need you to stay with me, man. Come on (expletive), God, please let him live," Losak said.

Losak's cruiser arrived at MedStar Harbor Hospital in south Baltimore.

"Help! Help! I need help. (Gunshot wound) to the chest, entry and exit," Losak is heard telling hospital staff.

As medical teams start to work with the victim, Losak gave the mother some encouraging news.

"He's talking, he's talking," Losak is heard saying.

The victim has since turned 20 -- a birthday he was able to see in large part to Losak's actions that day.

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