Tiff over lane-sweeping turns into huge neighbourhood brawl in Rohtak, India

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A tiff between women sweeping a lane in Rohtak, India, turned into a huge communal brawl on Tuesday 23 November.

It started when one woman was sweeping the area outside her house in Sunaria village at around 6am local time, sending the dirt in the direction of the home on the opposite side of the lane.

CCTV footage captured the moment that a woman from the opposing house came out onto the lane and started to use her feet to push the dirt and detritus back in the opposite direction, although mostly only to the middle of the lane.

The first woman, whose home appears to be larger and possibly more lavish, does not take this well, and repeatedly hits her opponent with her broom, until a man -- possibly her husband -- pulls her away.

But after a brief pause, family members from both houses come out and start clobbering each other with batons, brooms and even utensils.

Eventually, other neighbours came between them to stop the fight.

Both families have lodged a police complaint against the other, demanding their arrest.

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