Sacramento Police release video of officer shooting man with sword

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Sacramento Police have released bodycam video after one of its officers shot and wounded a man with a sword who barricaded himself and others in a home on Aug. 10.

Police also identified the man as Isaiah Gardner.

The footage released includes one narrated video, two body-worn camera videos, one dispatch audio file, and one audio file. The videos begin when the SWAT team enters the home and ends when Gardner was arrested. They can be viewed here.

The standoff started around 1 a.m. on Aug. 10 during a welfare check on Gardner who was reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis. Sacramento police said Gardner was armed with a sword and had barricaded himself, his wife and two children at a home in the 100 block of Dragonfly Circle.

SWAT and crisis negotiators were at the home where a woman and two children were being held against their will inside and not allowed to leave. Crisis negotiators were there for more than seven hours when officers said they heard "sounds of distress" from the woman.

Police said officers entered the home to rescue the hostages and found Gardner holding a sword raised next to his wife and children. An officer opened fire and shot him.

Police said that the woman and two children seem to be uninjured. Gardner was taken to a local hospital. No officers were injured.

The shooting remains under investigation. Gardner will be booked into jail on false imprisonment charges once he's cleared from the hospital.

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