County Jail surveillance video shows struggle with Christopher Shaw and Beaumont police officer

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The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has released video of an encounter between Christopher Shaw and a Beaumont police officer at the County Jail, after which Shaw says he was left paralyzed.

Surveillance video shows the actions taken by all parties following Christopher Shaw's transportation to the Jefferson County Jail.

Christopher Shaw was arrested on June 12, 2021, for Public Intoxication.

The NAACP filed a lawsuit against the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in June 2023 to release the footage from the night of the arrest.

Attorneys told KFDM News that they are seeking transparency surrounding the arrest of a Beaumont man and the injuries, they say, he sustained during an encounter with police.

Since the video was used in a criminal case, it could not be released at that time.

In August 2023 Shaw pleaded guilty to Assault on a Peace Officer and received Probation. Civil lawsuits are pending and BPD's investigation is closed.

With that investigation ending, the video is now legally able to be released.

Attorneys for Shaw filed a federal lawsuit against Gillen, the City of Beaumont, deputies with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and others that are still pending.

Shaw is first seen on camera as an officer is bringing him into the correctional facility. Shaw is struggling with the officer at that time and they both fall to the ground. Other officers come outside to assist with the situation.

The video inside highlights an altercation between Christopher Shaw, Beaumont Police, and correctional officers. The altercation ended when Officer Gillen takes Shaw to the ground.

Nurses in the jail attend to Shaw before he was taken to Baptist Hospital.

Christopher Shaw was transported back to the Jefferson County Jail by BPD following his release from the hospital.

Shaw was returned to the hospital by ambulance later that day.

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