NYPD bodycam shows suspect being fatally shot by multiple officers after he attempted to stab an officer

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Bodycam video shows the moment a knife-wielding maniac charged at unsuspecting NYPD officers inside a Roosevelt Island apartment building last month — seconds before he was killed in a hail of gunfire.

The 21-year-old assailant tried to corner three cops inside the 540 Main St. elevator on Aug. 5 and showed no signs of stopping when they displayed their weapons.

The disturbing footage shows the man storming toward one female officer, who pushed a Taser into his chest as a warning sign, but ultimately didn’t discharge the weapon.

The two colleagues that flanked her quickly pulled their triggers, blasting the young man with more than a dozen rounds, and the video shows he initially survived and continued waving the knife as he lay on the floor.

“Drop the knife!” officers can be heard screaming.

The man was later taken by EMS to a local hospital, where he died from his wounds.

His identity has not yet been released.

The fatal encounter unfolded within a matter of seconds, according to the video, which was released as part of the state Attorney General’s investigation into the police-involved shooting.

The officers had been inside the building after receiving multiple 911 calls from the man’s relatives, who said he was threatening them with a knife.

Three had just entered one of the elevators and were preparing to ride it to the man’s floor, while two others were trying to prop open the lobby door with fliers in anticipation of backup.

A sixth cop watching his colleagues work on the door had his back turned when a second elevator came down and the assailant flew out with the knife raised.

The bodycam shows the maniac trying to slash the unsuspecting cop before turning toward the three who were cornered in the elevator.

Multiple people can be heard screaming nonsensically, though none clearly shouted warnings at the unhinged man until after he was peppered with bullets.

Witnesses said the succession of shots was so quick that they assumed fireworks had gone off in the quiet neighborhood.

The suspect’s relative told police the man was off his medication and under the influence of marijuana, Deputy Chief Christine Bastedenbeck told reporters the night of the incident.

The Attorney General’s investigation into the deadly shooting is still ongoing.

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