Volusia deputy arrest teen after pulling gun in spring break crowd on New Smyrna Beach

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A 16-year-old was arrested on New Smyrna Beach after he allegedly pulled out a gun in a crowd of spring breakers and ran into the ocean with a bag full of marijuana.

At around 3:45 p.m., deputies were in the area of the beach north of Flagler Avenue when a group of people began scattering and shouting, "He has a gun!", according to the Volusia Sheriff's Office.

Felixander Solis-Guzman was seen pointing a gun at people. When deputies ordered him to drop the weapon, he ran with the gun through crowds of people towards the ocean. He threw the gun and a bag in the water, the sheriff's office said.

Solis-Guzman surrendered and was taken into custody. Deputies recovered the gun and the bag, which was filled with 20 small baggies of marijuana.

The teen from Lakeland faces the following charges:

* Aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer (3 counts)
* Possession of a firearm by a person under 18
* Improper exhibition of a firearm
* Commission of a 2nd-degree felony with a weapon
* Resisting a law enforcement officer
* Tampering with evidence (2 counts)
* Sale of marijuana

In addition to the numerous charges, Solis-Guzman was arrested on seven warrants out of Orange County. He was taken to the Volusia Family Resource Center for processing before transport to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

There were no injuries reported during the incident, VSO said.

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