LAPD releases body cam of a fatal shooting of Oscar Sanchez who was armed with a knife and objects

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0:00 - Intro
0:20 - 911 call
2:24 - 2nd 911 call
5:01 - Surveillance video
8:03 - Body cam
17:31 - Body cam 2
23:31 - Ending
The department released a 911 call from a woman reporting a man with a knife. She said he threw a knife at a car, and that he was pacing back and forth and waiting for another car at which to hurl something. Another 911 caller also reported Sanchez throwing things at cars, including metal objects. He tells the dispatcher that Sanchez tried to assault him and did assault others.
Video from a business in the area showed Sanchez walking around with some sort of long stick in his hand and throwing things at passing cars. The LAPD said the “makeshift spear” was a 2-foot-long metal object with a 3-inch spike protruding from one end.

By the time officers arrived, the LAPD said, Sanchez was standing on the second-story landing of an abandoned residence. After officers arrives, one of them began speaking to him in Spanish, bodycam video showed.

They continued trying to coax Sanchez down for several minutes, the LAPD said. Bodycam video captured Sanchez shouting back in Spanish, “You’re not going to rob me, idiot” before retreating inside the residence.

Eventually, one shield-carrying officer leads a group up the stairs and opens a door. One officer is heard telling Oscar, in Spanish, to come out. Quickly thereafter, another officer is heard telling him in English to, “Put that down.”

Officers are then heard in the video firing several shots. Sanchez moans in pain. After handcuffing Sanchez, the officers carried Sanchez to the base of the stairs, where paramedics began rendering aid, the LAPD said. The department said officers also recovered a utility knife at the scene.

Sanchez later died at a local hospital.

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