Green snake sparks panic after being caught hiding inside parcel

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A green snake sparked panic after it was caught hiding inside a parcel at a delivery service office in Thailand.

The reptile was found when a courier staff noticed it slithering among the boxes for delivery in Nakhon Ratchasima province on July 19.

Terrified customers and workers rushed outside the office and called the animal rescuers for help in catching the snake.

When the team arrived, they struggled to search for the snake among the boxes as the agile reptile kept on moving around to evade them.

One of the volunteers said: ‘Everyone cleared out of the room when the snake was found. That was the right thing to do.

‘Instead of trying to handle the animal themselves, they should call for the experts and let us take over catching it for it could be venomous.’

As the snake was fast and relatively smaller at only 2ft-long, the rescuers spent half an hour before they caught the animal. It even escaped the rescuers as they tried to secure the snake inside an empty soda bottle with holes.

When the snake was finally properly secured, rescuers drove away with it on a two-wheeler before releasing the animal back to the wild.

No one was reported hurt in the incident including the snake that was unharmed during the rescue.

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