COPA releases bodycam in deadly Chicago police shootout that killed Dexter Reed in Garfield Park

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COPA released body cam video of a deadly police shooting last month in West Garfield Park.

Dexter Reed, 26, was killed by Chicago police on March 21 during a traffic stop that ended with dozens of bullets fired.

COPA said video footage and initial reports confirm that Reed fired first, hitting an officer. COPA said four other officers then returned fire.

COPA said the officers fired approximately 96 times over 41 seconds.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Mayor Brandon Johnson expressed his condolences for Dexter Reed and said he is praying for the full recovery of the injured officer.

Mayor Johnson said the shooting occurred just blocks from his own community.

"It is not lost on me that both Dexter Reed and the officer could have been my students," Mayor Johnson said.

Johnson said he will work with COPA and the Cook County State's Attorney's Office to provide transparency on the investigation.

His family viewed the footage Monday, and they're expected to speak at noon.

Reed was pulled over by five Chicago police officers along the 3800-block of West Ferdinand Street shortly after 6 p.m. on March 21.

The traffic stop ended with Reed's SUV spotted with at least a dozen bullet holes.

He was critically wounded and died at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Chicago police said an officer was also shot in the wrist but was in good condition and a gun was found at the scene.

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