Officers Execute Search Warrant, Recover Illegal Narcotics And Arrest Convicted Felons

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On Thursday, September 8, 2022, after conducting a thorough investigation, the Atlanta Proactive Enforcement and Interdiction Unit (APEX) and Zone Four Field Investigations Unit (FIT) executed a search warrant at a residence in Donnelly Ave. in Southwest Atlanta where illegal narcotics were believed to be held and transacted.

Upon entering the residence, officers located two men and observed a variety of illegal narcotics throughout the residence including marijuana, MDMA, heroin, crack/powder cocaine, Xanax pills, and Oxycodone pills. Officers took the two men, 37-year-old Quenson Beavers, and a second male, identified as 37-year-old Chad Dabney into custody.

After running their names through GCIC, officers learned that both Dabney and Beavers were convicted felons. The men were charged with, Possession And Use Of Drug Related Objects, Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession Of Firearm Or Knife During Commission Of Or Attempt To Commit Certain Felonies, Trafficking In Heroin, Trafficking In Crack Cocaine, Trafficking In Marijuana, Trafficking In MDMA, VGCSA-Possession Of A Schedule III, IV Or V Controlled Substance With Intent To Distribute, VGCSA-Possession Of A Schedule III, IV Or V Controlled Substance With Intent To Distribute. Dabney had an additional charge of Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers.

Both suspects were transported to the Fulton County Jail where they were taken into custody without incident. We are proud of the work of the APEX and FIT teams in their investigation and successful work in shutting down this drug house and putting these repeat offenders behind bars.

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