Police helicopter video captures Florida deputies chasing down home invasion suspects

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Footage taken from a police helicopter has captured deputies in Florida chasing down four suspects wanted for attempting an "ambush-style home invasion" in a community outside Tampa.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says the chase unfolded Saturday after its aviation units, which were conducting "routine surveillance," detected a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood in Sun City Center.

"Two subjects threw a brick at the door and crouched at the corners of [a] residence, waiting for someone to exit. While that was happening, one person served as a lookout at a home across the street, while one stayed in the car," the department said in a statement, describing what "appeared to be an ambush-style home invasion."

"When no one answered, the subjects fled, committing multiple traffic violations while leaving the area," police added. "Patrol units initiated a traffic stop, but the driver refused to comply. While fleeing, the vehicle struck a curb and all occupants fled on foot."

Video taken from a helicopter shows one of the suspects tripping and falling on the ground while trying to run away from responding officers.

"Somebody threw something over the wall, they are trying to climb the wall here," one of the officers in the helicopter is heard saying.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said during the pursuit, the individuals discarded three firearms, which later were recovered.

The guns, according to police, were a Glock 20 and two Glock 22s.

"A Milsport .556 Semi-automatic with a brass catcher attached, along with a Smith & Wesson 40 caliber drum magazine containing 42 rounds and two extra fully loaded magazines, were inside the vehicle," the sheriff’s office also said.

The suspects, which eventually were tracked down by law enforcement, were identified as Javion Stephens, 18, Kenyatta Stephens, 19, Kaiymon Stephens, 20 and Gregory Milledge, 21.

They each are facing charges of Throwing a deadly missile, Possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and Resist without violence.

Kenyatta Stephens is also facing charges of aggravated fleeing to elude and leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.

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