Bodycam video shows Georgia sergeant rescuing woman from burning car

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Dramatic video released Sunday by the Candler County Sheriff's Office in south Georgia shows a sergeant making an urgent rescue after encountering a smoldering car that had crashed.

According to the sheriff's office, Sgt. Ashleigh Taylor made the rescue on Saturday following the wreck into the woods off Highway 46.

The bodycam video shows the sergeant breaking open the window, with a woman in the driver's seat of the car, as smoke pours out from underneath it.

"Get out of the car! It's on fire! Get out!" he tells her. "Ma'am, get out of the car, take your seat belt off! Take your seat belt off! Take your seat belt off!"

Sgt. Taylor is able to grab her by the arm and pull her out just as flames start shooting up from underneath the car.

"Due to Sergeant Taylor’s swift actions, the driver was removed from a dangerous situation before it escalated. We would also like to thank the number of motorists that stopped to assist. Please join us in commending Sergeant Taylor for the outstanding job on this incident!" the sheriff's office wrote on Instagram.

The post did not offer any other details on what had happened in the crash or the status of the woman who was pulled from the car.

There were no other people in the car, with the sergeant seen in the video frantically breaking open other windows to try to check if anyone was in the back.

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