Bodycam video released on fatal shooting that killed suspect, K-9 in Stonington

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The Connecticut Office of the Inspector General released a preliminary report and body camera footage on Wednesday outlining the moments before a fatal shooting that killed a suspect who fatally shot a K-9.

K-9 Broko became the first police dog shot while in the line of duty in Connecticut.

Police were serving an arrest warrant the night of Dec. 21 for Vaughn R. Malloy, a 42-year-old Black man accused of assault in connection to a shooting. Bodycam footage shows police outside the home he was in on Mechanic Street in Pawcatuck, ordering him to come out and surrender. When he didn’t, a tactical unit breached the door by using a ram attached to the front of an armored vehicle.

Malloy ran out the back door. Police ran after him, telling him to stop. Broko was then sent after Malloy, and officers shot “less lethal impact munitions” at Malloy, according to the state report. Malloy is then seen falling to the ground and shooting at Broko multiple times.

Gunshots hit a police vehicle and fatally shot Broko, according to the state report. Four officers then shot at Malloy, who later died at a hospital. The report does not detail how many rounds were fired at Broko or by police.

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