Authorities release video showing off-duty Tucson police officer shooting suspect

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Authorities have released the video from a shooting involving an off-duty Tucson police officer in Pima County on Wednesday, April 17.

The video, which can be watched in the player below, was released by the Pima Regional Critical Incident Team on Friday, May 24.

PRCIT said Matt Laswell, 38, was injured in the shooting at Skyline Gateway Apartments, which is near Skyline and Swan.

PRCIT said Laswell suffered life-threatening injuries but survived. He has been charged with aggravated assault and will undergo a mental health evaluation.

The Tucson Police Department said the situation began when Laswell called 911 claiming there was a burglary in progress. Laswell said he had a knife and made statements that led the 911 operator to believe he was in a mental health crisis, according to PRCIT.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department then sent deputies to the scene for a welfare check.

At the same time, an off-duty TPD officer started checking the area after hearing sounds of distress. The officer was not in uniform and was only at the complex to visit a friend.

PRCIT said the TPD officer saw a woman talking with Laswell through a closed window. The officer told her to move to a safe place.

That is when Laswell allegedly came out of his apartment armed with two knives. He was shot when he started walking towards the officer, according to PRCIT.

No one else was injured in the shooting.

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