Cops and firefighters rescue residents from Orlando complex fire

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A frightening structure fire ripped people from their homes early Sunday morning in Central Florida.

According to the Orlando Police Department, a blaze broke out at the Avalon Apartments on South Semoran Boulevard at around 4 a.m.

Bodycam footage shows fire crews and cops both meeting up on the scene, helping to rescue about 30 residents from their homes.

A shirtless man who appears to be a neighbor tells authorities that there are “three ladies” trapped in their second-story apartment in the back. One of them is pregnant and can’t get down, he says.

The video then pans to two first responders jogging with a ladder over to the residents, who are out on the balcony.

One by one, the women climb on a stool and swing their legs over the railing and step down the rungs, one by one.

“Face the ladder!” one officer yells. “Face the ladder!”

After the last two women reach the ground, the entire complex was evacuated and the fire extinguished, Orlando police said.

“Everybody’s out!” yells a cop. “Good job.”

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