Bodycam captures Macomb County deputies rescue 2 and dog from house fire

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A man has been hospitalized following an early-morning house fire Wednesday, Jan. 10.

It happened at a Macomb Township home, located near the intersection of Leanna and Adrienne drives, at about 1:30 a.m.

Body camera footage captured three Macomb County Sheriff’s deputies responding to the fire.

Authorities said Deputy Zachary Deng was the first to arrive and upon entering the home, he found a man sitting in a chair that was engulfed in flames. Deng attempted to smother the fire with a blanket, but the fire did not go out.

Macomb County bodycam footage of the incident can be watched in the video player above.

When Deputies Johnathon Korte and Thomas Bartoli arrived with fire extinguishers, the home was filled with heavy black smoke. Due to the difficult breathing inside, all three deputies took turns using the extinguishers on the fire and chair until it was extinguished.

Both residents of the home and the deputies were taken to a hospital for treatment. The woman and the deputies have since been released.

A family dog, Keeva, was also rescued from the home.

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