Boris the Tory Snake Hissssssssssssssssss

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Boris removed the UK from EU membership against very High public opinion, and even PM David Cameron resigned over the Leaving Vote.

Now he is supplying Ukraine with anti tank missiles leaving us in to a guaranteed hypersonic missile nuclear attack if WW3 starts.

He is leaving Russia who sell us the "UK" the cheapest piped natural heating gas and oil in the world.

He is taking in 250,000 Ukrainian refugees (god bless them), but the British working tax payer will foot the bill.
£380 per month to a householder for housing a refugee.
£380 divided by 30 days is £12.60 a day for each refugee, who will get 3 meals a day, a bedroom, the use of your home, free gas, free electric, and free food delivered from the supermarket all for £12.50 a day.

Even if you dont have to provide them food with food.
They will get hundreds of pounds per month in tax payers universal credit payments and free healthcare.

£380 per month per refugee divided by 12 months is £4560 a year for one refugee.
£4560 a year divided by 250,000 refugees = 1,140,000,000 = £1 billion 140 million a year.
He is guaranteeing the refugees a temporary visa and a home for 3 years.
£1 billion 420 million x 3 years = 4,260,000,000 =
A £4 billion 268 million pound cost for UK workers over the next 3 years.

The Boris tories are proud to have sold and privatised all our industries since the Maggie Thatcher Disaster, including all our SCOTTISH Brent North Sea oil fields to various foreign countries.
Sold Our Scottish Oil Refinery (British Petroleum) to Ineos Petrochina.
So we pay Petrochina to get 4 gallons of diesel and 2 gallons of petrol refined from each 40 gallon barrel of crude oil.

Soon we will be getting our crude oil from Boris's favourite country.

I wonder how much a litre of diesel and petrol will be shipped in oil tankers from Saudi Arabia instead of piped across the ocean floor from Russia?

Tory, Maggie Thatcher started her dream cheap council house mortgages so that every single house renter in Britain could own their council home.

All the foreign rich bought all the houses, now the uk public and UK government are paying £thousands per private house rental instead of hundreds per council house rental.
Some people own a thousand homes and renting them.

The Maggie dream.

The IRA missed her by a whisker at the Brighton Grand Hotel with a bomb underneath the bath, in the hotel room underneath her room.

Thank you Tories.
Unfortunately now because of that we are paying tory prices for housing rent.

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