Bodycam video shows Fort Smith firefighter's POV during house fire

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The Fort Smith Fire Department shared a video on their Facebook page that showed the first-hand point of view of the first responders that run into the danger of structure fires.

So much of what firefighters do on a daily basis goes unrecognized and somewhat unappreciated by those who rely on them, but this shocking bodycam footage from a house fire in Fort Smith shows just how quickly things can go up in flames, and the bravery of the firefighters who put out the blaze.

According to FSFD, no injuries were reported from the fire.

While it's a cool opportunity to see firefighters doing what they do first-hand, it's important to note the risks that go into the profession.

In 2022, the International Association of Firefighters added 469 names to their memorial wall. 348 of the names added were members who died from occupational cancer.

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network says first responders are 14% more likely than the general population to die from cancer.

At many fire departments across the country, their uniforms protect every inch of the body and include their own pressurized air. Decon buckets clean firefighters on the scene to rid of any soot or carcinogens. Back at the station, vents have been added to remove exhaust fumes from the building.

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