New surveillance and body cam video shows tense arrest of accused Midtown shooting in Cobb County

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New surveillance video released by Cobb Police shows the moments after the man accused in a mass shooting in Midtown abandoned his car in a parking garage and took off on foot.

Deion Patterson is accused of killing one woman and injuring four more when he opened fire in an office at a Northside Hospital medical facility earlier this month.

After the shooting, Patterson stole a vehicle in midtown and then led officers on an hours-long manhunt before he was caught hiding in a pool house in Cobb County.

On Tuesday, police released a string of new videos that show Patterson’s previously unknown movements through Cobb County. Video first the vehicle Patterson was in cruising along Cobb Parkway.

Video then shows a figure police say is Patterson run across Windy Hill Road near the Battery.

The next video shows him run into a construction site on Windy Ridge Parkway, an area that, at one point during the search, officers surrounded.

The last video shows the tense moments Patterson was taken into custody from the perspective of an officer’s body camera.

Officers surround Patterson in a grassy area of a nearby apartment complex.

“Keep your hands up!” officers shout at Patterson while pointing long guns at him. Patterson stands perfectly still with his hands above his head. “Slowly, keep walking towards us!”

Officers then command Patterson to put his hands down and in front of him on the ground.

Patterson kneels in the grass with his back to the officers and crawls backward with several officers’ guns trained on him before he lies down in the grass and officers are able to handcuff him.

Patterson has been charged with one count of murder in the death of 38-year-old Amy St. Pierre. He’s been charged with four more counts of felony aggravated assault.

All four victims who were hospitalized in the shooting have since been released.

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