Man shares adrenaline-packed lifestyle with his cat as they go skiing and cycling

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European shorthair cat Cathode has lived with her owner Rémy Vicarini, 31 in Besançon, France, since she was 6 months old.

But while most cats prefer to relax around the home, Cathode regularly joins her owner on his epic adventures like biking and mountain climbing.

And her thrill-seeking lifestyle has made her a big hit on Instagram (@mon_copain_ray) where she has amassed 78,400 followers.

Cathode's account shows her living her best life, doing everything from riding motorbikes in her own specially designed helmet to skiing down snowy mountains.

Her photos have received thousands of likes and comments from followers who can't get enough of her incredible adventures.

One photo of the pair enjoying a bike ride together has received over 5,800 likes and hundreds of comments from people who can't get enough of their close bond.

"It's so beautiful that you've found each other," one person wrote.  

"This is the sweetest thing," while another declared Cathode "one cool cat."

"I rescued Cathode when she was 6 months old in a shelter, I had been studying for a long time to get my diplomas and I really wanted a feline companion to share my life with," Vicarini said.

"Cathode is a very curious cat, she is also a little fearful but I do a lot of sports and wanted to share it with her.

"So two months after adopting her, we started cycling. It was great and she loved it.

"The first time I took Cathode out with me was on the front of a bike in the basket, it was dark and no one could disturb us. Cathode was very curious about all this novelty, she loved it."

Vicarini and Cathode now go on loads of epic adventures together, including motorcycling, cycling, paddle boarding, paragliding, skateboarding, skiing, and climbing.

And Vicarini says his little kitty can't get enough of the action-packed lifestyle - but he always makes sure to keep her safe.

He said: "Cathode has never shown her displeasure, she has straight ears, fine pupils, she likes it.

"The activities that we do together, I know them by heart, so there's never any risk.

"She is always attached to me or not too far from her basket, and if we're on a motorbike, she has a helmet to protect her from the wind.

"I made the helmet myself, using computer-aided design software to make it so that it would fit her head perfectly.

"Then I printed out that version with a 3D printer at home. I then made a visor to go with it.

"We are inseparable, she relies on me and feels safe with me, she trusts me, same on my side."

They've even been paragliding together in the mountains near their home.

Vicarini said: "I live in the mountains so in winter I used to take Cathode skiing. And I loved paragliding too so I also decided to take her with me.

"We also did it with a professional, it was awesome, Cathode was safe and we flew in the mountains, she was discovering the landscape from above. It was in summer when Cathode was already four and a half years old

Vicarini said: "It was pretty crazy but Cathode loved it.

"She was tucked into my jacket with the safety harness on her and the weather was great, she loved feeling the wind blowing through her whiskers."

Vicarini - who is an engineer with a PhD in science - credits Cathode for changing his life.

He decided to share the pairs' adventures online in January 2016 with the aim to make people smile.

He said: "She has really changed my life because when I'm with her, I'm never bored, she has always been there for me in difficult times too.

"People love following her adventures online, she's a simple but unique cat with a story and people have grown attached to her."

Vicarini plans to take Cathode on plenty more adventures with him in the future and the furry feline is even currently "helping" him renovate his home.

"One day we would like to go for a tour of Europe by bike when we have time, too," he adds.

While he is currently single, Vicarini is holding out for his dream woman who will "accept me and Cathode together," - and join the pair on their epic adventures.

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