10   "Male Karen" got a well deserved knock-out!

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A Walmart shopper got more than he bargained for when he was knocked out by an enraged store employee during a brawl.
Little information is known about the exact circumstances of the fisticuffs.
There are Walmart stores in Englewood, Florida (hellhole) and in Englewood, Ohio (Hello -sloop-).
It is unclear where the fight took place. Pretty sure it happen in flori-duh
The video begins with the skirmish already in full swing. It is unknown what sparked the conflict in the first place.
A man in a brown hooded sweatshirt and black shorts (most likely a trumpturd) pushes a shopping cart laden with merchandise into a Walmart employee, pinning him against a display case near the cash registers.
The unhappy "customer" then appears to spit at the store worker, who explodes in rage.
The offended store clerk ultimately manages to free himself, runs up to the shopper and punches him in the head.
After swaying for a moment, the knocked out man collapses and remains sprawled out on the floor. An alarm is heard blaring in the background.

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