Michigan woman leads police on high-speed chase while allegedly driving under influence of drugs

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Two people were arrested following a high-speed chase in Michigan on Tuesday. One of them was allegedly driving with a suspended license and is accused of operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

At 8:25 p.m., Livingston County deputies tried to initiate a traffic stop on a gray Ford F-350 truck in Brighton Township because the license plate wasn't on the vehicle properly and appeared to be unregistered.

The truck fled, leading deputies on a chase that reached speeds that exceeded 80 mph through Brighton and Hamburg Townships.

Dash camera footage shows that Hamburg Township officers deployed stop sticks when the truck entered the township, deflating three tires. The truck kept traveling but eventually stopped at the dead end of Old Road.

The passenger, a 38-year-old Brighton man, was arrested and taken to the Livingston County Jail for outstanding warrants. He isn't facing any charges in connection to the chase.

However, the driver, a 48-year-old Putnam Township woman, was arrested and lodged at the jail as authorities seek the charges of driving with a suspended license, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, fleeing and eluding, resisting arrest, operating under the influence of drugs and possession of methamphetamines.

In addition to these charges, the woman also had multiple outstanding felony warrants.

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