Suspect arrested when trying to hide in a porta-potty after crashing during a police chase

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TMJ4 has obtained new body camera and dash-camera footage of Wednesday's dramatic police chase, which ended with a suspect trapped in a porta potty.

It started just before noon on Wednesday on Port Washington Road.

Video shows Glendale police officers trying to stop the driver of a stolen white Dodge Durango. One officer is seen attempting to throw stop sticks as the Durango approaches.

As he does, the driver swerves, hits two cars, and darts toward oncoming traffic on I-43. The Durango hit the highway's barrier and all four people in the car ran.

Police were able to detain one suspect right away, while the others started a full-blown police pursuit across the highway.

The suspects then led officers on a speedy drive through a nearby park, landing officers at Lincoln Park Golf Course.

Dash camera footage shows three squad cars speeding across the freshly mowed green. Officers on the other end of the course got on golf carts to drive toward the suspect.

Officers quickly realize one of the suspects is trapped in an orange porta potty, thanks to one golfer who noticed the suspect trying to hide and tipped it over.

Officers then tip the porta potty back over and the suspect crawls out. They detain him and take him back to the station for a smelly ride.

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