Phoenix police released bodycam of a shooting that left a suspect dead and a detective injured

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The shooting happened on Jan. 5 at a car dealership near 87th Avenue and Bell Road in Peoria. Detectives from the Phoenix police Fugitive Apprehension and Investigations Detail were arresting 30-year-old Junior Reyes, who was wanted on a felony warrant, being a prohibited possessor and assaulting the police.

According to police, the suspect pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and exchanged gunfire with the officers. Three detectives fired their guns, while one used a less lethal foam projectile launcher.

Body-cam footage from a detective, who used a 37mm less lethal “launcher” that shoots foam balls, shows the detective running to Reyes, saying, “Hands up!” Reyes then pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the detective, police said. The detective then runs away into a nearby building. He was shot and was taken to the hospital but was released later that day.

Additional body-cam video from three detectives who fired their guns shows what happened during the shooting. Each detective approached Reyes from a different angle. One of the detectives gets out of his vehicle, “Hey, Reyes, it’s Phoenix police, hands up!” he says as he points a gun at Reyes. Multiple gunshots are heard as he is running. Reyes is seen running toward the officers, pointing a gun at them and firing.

Another angle shows an officer running up to Reyes from behind a building and shooting him before falling to the ground. “I’m good, I’m good,” he says as he gets up. The officers fire their handguns until Reyes is shot and falls to the ground. “Suspect’s down,” one of the officers says as he approaches Reyes and handcuffs him.

Reyes was taken to a hospital, where he died. Police say they recovered the handgun used by Reyes at the scene.

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