IMPD releases bodycam video that shows officer fatally shoot armed man in back as he ran away

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released bodycam footage Tuesday afternoon from an early August police shooting that killed 49-year-old Gary Harrell.

Around 9:40 a.m. Aug. 3, IMPD North District Officer Douglas Correll conducted a traffic stop in the 3400 block of North Parker Avenue for a car, driven by Harrell, driving recklessly.

Harrell exited his vehicle before Correll left his police car to speak with Harrell. Officers say Harrell began a brief verbal exchange with Correll before walking back to the driver’s side of his car.

Officer Correll can be heard on bodycam footage telling Harrell to not return to his car, but Harrell reentered his vehicle.

Police say as Correll continued to speak with Harrell, Harrell exited his car, holding a gun in his right hand and his cell phone in his left. He fled the scene on foot.

Correll is seen running after Harrell, commanding Harrell to, “Stop it, drop it.” Correll then drew his IMPD-issued weapon and shot twice, striking Harrell once. Police say that Correll fired his weapon while Harrell was still holding his firearm.

A second officer arrived and secured Harrell’s handgun. The five-shot .357 revolver was located on a driveway where Harrell dropped it. Police say the gun was loaded with five rounds.

Harrell was given medical aid by emergency services and taken to IU Methodist Hospital. He was later pronounced dead by hospital staff.

No officers or nearby residents were injured in the shooting.

Community leaders were disappointed by the shooting. Antonio Alexander, the Northwest Community Resources District Council (CRDC) Co-Chair, said he was upset that another person was killed in Indianapolis.

“(I’m) extremely disappointed. Not just because it was due to an officer, but anytime there is a family that is grieving and there is a family that has to bare that trauma,” Alexander said. “It’s unfortunate that we have to go through this.”

Alexander believes there were other ways to handle the situation.

“The officer I would say could have taken a defensive posture because we’re just talking about a traffic stop and let the individual go on,” Alexander said. “I believe it’s more of a concern of community safety by an individual getting shot because he did run.”

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