Boise police release body cam after suspect rams patrol vehicle

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A Boise man was given a 25-year sentence after officials say he rammed a patrol car.

The man, 26-year-old Ezra Smith, was arrested in July of 2021. Smith was reportedly driving a stolen van recklessly, and when police tried to arrest him, he allegedly rammed an occupied Boise Police patrol car multiple times.

After an officer-involved shooting, Smith was arrested for aggravated battery on law enforcement personnel as well as grand theft, eluding police and petit theft.

Smith was on parole at the time, and Ada County District Judge Derrick O’Neill said he could not discount the findings from the Ada County jurors who determined that Mr. Smith “clearly intended to batter and assault police officers – the very people that protect this community.”

Smith was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison with 10 years fixed before he's eligible for parole.

Also on Tuesday, Boise Police said Valley County prosecutor Brian D. Naugle determined that the officers who fired their guns were "were reasonable and the use of deadly force was justifiable."

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