Mesquite Police releases bodycam, 911 call of shooting incident at Pioneer Technology & Arts school

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The Mesquite Police Department released more information, including body cam video and 911 audio, from the officer-involved shooting incident that involved a student with a gun at Pioneer Technology and Arts in Mesquite.

Pioneer Technology and Arts is located at 3200 Oates Drive.

The Mesquite Police Department is investigating an Officer-Involved Shooting that occurred on February 19, 2024. This Critical Incident Community Briefing video contains aspects of the investigation and facts as we know them at this time.

On Feb. 19, at approximately 8:49 a.m., Mesquite Police officers were dispatched to a person with a gun call at Pioneer Technology and Arts located at 3200 Oates Drive, the department said.

The call was changed to an active shooter call, according to a social media post by the Mesquite Police Department. Information was obtained that one subject entered the building with a firearm, the department said. Officers responded and attempted to negotiate with the subject. During the process of negotiating, an officer involved shooting occurred, the department said. No students or officers were injured. The suspect was transported to a local hospital for injuries sustained during the incident, the department said.

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