Bodycam video released of two Narcan revivals in Reno home

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The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday released body camera footage of deputies giving Narcan Saturday to two people who overdosed on fentanyl in the same home.
The sheriff’s office said giving the Narcan to the females before paramedics arrived saved their lives.
Deputies arrived at the scene and found one person unconscious. A person at the scene did not know what the female took. A deputy administered Narcan.
Moments later, they were alerted that a second person had overdosed. While giving Narcan to that person, a third person began to overdose, the sheriff’s office said.
Medical personnel arrived and gave Narcan to the third person.
All three were taken to the hospital for treatment.
The overdose victims were described only as female, and it took place in Reno.
“I am proud of our deputies for their quick and heroic actions in saving the lives of these young individuals from a fentanyl overdose,” Sheriff Darin Balaam said in a statement. “This incident serves an as stark reminder of the extreme danger posed by fentanyl.”
Even a small amount of fentanyl can be dangerous, Balaam said. He urged people with addictions to get help.

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