Family find hungry wild BEAR raiding their kitchen in Thailand

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A Buddhist monk was shocked after hearing noise in the kitchen and finding a wild BEAR stealing his food.

The Asian black bear climbed into the house which is situated within the Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Nayok province on September 15.

For almost 10 minutes the three-year-old wild creature searched through the cabinets and containers to find food until eventually it discovered a rice pot and ate everything stored inside.

Footage shows the hungry animal standing on its hind legs while devouring the food next to a tiled sink while the monk watched from a distance.

The resident, Kruba Suntaro, said he was heading to the kitchen when he heard a strange noise that seemed to come from an animal so he went to check.

Kruba, who is also a full-time monk, said: ‘I stood there watching the bear look for food. I knew it was a wild animal because it was making strange sounds.’

The monk added that whenever they cook a smelly dish in the kitchen, the wild bear would wait outside hoping for food.

He said: ‘I don’t know if the bear is hungry or he just likes my cooking. I see him prowling around outside but he’s never been aggressive, so I’m not worried.’

Just last month, an Asian black bear visited a restaurant at the same national park while tourists were cooking an omelette.

Thailand is home to two types of bear species, the Asian Black Bear – the moon bear – and the Malayan sun bear also known as the honey bear. T​here are 445 bears in captivity in Thailand as of 2006.

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