Warren officers honored when they saved an 8-year-old boy's life after he touched a live wire

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Two children come into contact with a live wire in Warren - one of them seriously hurt. The officers, who saved an 8-year-old’s life last year, were honored for their valor today.

The police officers rushed in, close to a live wire, to save the child. The boy may not be alive today if they didn’t put their own lives on the line. New video released by Warren police shows the dramatic moment officers dragged the boy from the charged line.

On Wednesday, Corp. Det. Daniel Rose and Officer David Chapman were honored with the Valor Award for their heroism.

"Okay bud," Rose says to the boy who is breathing - but labored. "What’s your name? I’m with you, buddy."

The officers that responded to the scene found the 8-year-old clinging to a wire. They then jumped into the police vehicle and rushed to the hospital.

"Luckily we were there already for a prior incident," said Corp, Det. Daniel Rose. "And when you heard them call 'Priority' and I turned the corner and I saw the boy laying there. I don't know what goes through your mind. Having kids, and you just get scared, and you have to react."

Rose and Officer David Chapman were honored with the Valor Award for their heroism.

"We, don’t know what we’re going into, we just know that we have to do something," Chapman said. "If we don’t, nothing gets done."

Rose can be heard talking to the boy riding in the back of a squad car, cradling that terrified 8-year-old child in agony.

"Severe burns to his hands." Rose says on the bodycam.

The boy can be heard screaming as he regains consciousness.

"I know, I know brother, we're going to the hospital," he says.

They rushed him to the hospital in the back of a squad vehicle - getting him there in four minutes flat. They worked collaboratively to load the child in, with units blocking traffic on their route, to save the child’s life.

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