Juvenile arrested for vehicle theft after police drone locates him post-crash

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A juvenile was arrested and charged with motor vehicle theft last week after crashing and bailing from a stolen vehicle according to the Howard County Police Department.
Police say on April 9 officers responded to a Columbia neighborhood for a vehicle collision.

Witnesses reported seeing a male run from the vehicle, and officers determined the vehicle was stolen.

According to body-camera footage released by the police department, witnesses directed which way the suspect went. Police then launched a drone with thermal imaging to search for the suspect who bailed out.

Fox45 spoke with Allison Meyer, who lives in the neighborhood of the crash.

“What is he doing in this neighborhood stealing cars," said Meyer.

Last week, five teens from Baltimore City were arrested for robbery and carjacking, just about a mile away.

This past November, a woman was robbed at gunpoint in her driveway by two juveniles, also about a mile away from the crash.

"It’s a very suburban family friendly neighborhood, everybody out walking their dog and going for runs and I mean it’s a safe place to be generally," said Meyer.

The drone located the suspect nearby and police converged on his location where they arrested the juvenile suspect.

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