Dashcam shows police chase as suspects drive wrong way, mount light rail tracks

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Three suspects were arrested after allegedly stealing a vehicle in Edina and leading police on a pursuit that ended in St. Paul Thursday morning.

Dashcam footage, shown in the video above, shows the pursuit taking place along University Avenue, with the driver hitting raised curbs separating the road from the Green Line light rail line, before driving onto the tracks and then the wrong-way along University.

The suspects eventually abandoned the stolen SUV and fled on foot, with three out of four caught by officers.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office says a Volkswagen Atlas was reported stolen around 7:30 a.m. Authorities determined at least one of the suspects involved was believed to be armed with a handgun.

At about 10 a.m., Minnesota State Patrol cameras spotted the stolen vehicle heading eastbound on University Avenue near Highway 280, near the border of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The stolen vehicle was tracked down by deputies to near the intersection of Thomas Avenue West and Victoria Street South. A pursuit was initiated.

Police said the suspects continued on Thomas Avenue towards Lexington Avenue, where stop sticks were successfully deployed. It flattened the two driver's side tires on the stolen vehicle.

"The driver of the vehicle continued to flee west on University Avenue at high speeds until they reached Highway 280, where all four occupants then jumped out and ran away," the sheriff's office said.

One minor was immediately arrested, Authorities say the boy has a warrant for previously escaping custody.

Two others fled into the Court International Building at 2550 University Avenue West. They were later found hiding in a fourth-floor bathroom and were arrested. Deputies also found two screwdrivers that are believed to be the tools used to steal the Volkswagen.

A fourth suspect, who is believed to be carrying guns in a backpack, ran into the neighborhood and had not been located as of Thursday afternoon.

All three suspects — two minors and one adult — taken into custody have "extensive" criminal records, ranging from carjacking, armed robbery and auto thefts. Two of the suspects also have active warrants for aggravated robbery.

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