Body cam video released of 'erratic' man shot by police after he attacked couple in their home

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0:00 - Intro
0:49 - Sergeant Johnson
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4:37 - Officer Segura
8:04 - Officer Lopez
The Houston Police Department on Friday released the body camera video showing the police response to a bloody and "erratic" man who attacked a couple in their own home in southwest Houston on June 22.

Police said it was a "complex scene" that started when a man covered in blood was beating on the door of a home asking for help.

In the video, you can see officers enter the home and ask one of the homeowners where the man is and if he has any weapons. She told the officers the man had a knife and that a neighbor was in the room with the man.

As officers move into a hallway, it appears as though the neighbor is struggling with the suspect on the ground. As officers approach, the neighbor appears to move away from the suspect as he's heard saying the suspect has a gun.

The video then shows officers taking cover before the suspect appears to point a gun down the hallway toward the officers. Officers fired several shots at the suspect. It's unclear how many times the suspect was shot, but the video appears to show that one of the officers may have been grazed by a bullet.

Following the initial exchange of gunfire, officers are seen telling the suspect to put his hands up and to stop moving several times. The suspect doesn't appear to listen and reaches for something close to his body. The video shows an officer firing another shot in response and continues ordering him to stop moving and to put his hands up.

An officer is then seen asking the neighbor if he is alright and the suspect is seen reaching for something near his body once more. Officers are seen firing five more shots at the suspect.

The video then shows officers approaching the suspect and helping the neighbor out of the room while the suspect lay motionless.

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