CMPD video shows SWAT vehicles, robots, and drones used in standoff to arrest a dangerous man

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Body cam video of an officer-involved shooting involving a dangerous mental health crisis situation is being released, Charlotte-MEcklenburg Police said on Monday.

Officers responded to calls regarding threats being communicated around 8 a.m. on March 11th at a home near 3800 Griers Fork Drive. “My neighbor’s threatening to kill me,” the 911 caller could be heard saying, with the suspect using a megaphone. 32-year-old Anh Thai, whom CMPD said divisional officers were already familiar with, was at the home. CMPD said they had previously responded to this particular home a whopping 46 times already, 13 of those times were matters pertaining to Thai.

A standoff ensued and went on for 30 hours before Thai came to the door with a handgun, according to the police report. A sniper fired a shot at Thai, however, he was not injured and retreated into the home where he was ultimately arrested a short time later after a chemical agent was used by SWAT. He was transported to a mental health facility.

After a sniper took a shot, Thai attempted to file a false and delusional 911 call stating that he saw police shoot and kill a man. “I’m a ghost,” Thai told 911. When the 911 dispatcher asked Thai for his location, Thai responded, “I’m in heaven. I’m a ghost.”

CMPD said Thai exhibited four separate personalities throughout the course of the negotiations. “My name is Lucifer. I am a messenger of God.”

A SWAT team including vehicles, robots, and drones were utilized in the standoff. Three drones were damaged during the situation, CMPD said.

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