Grove City police release bodycam video of inmate escaping custody

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Grove City police released body camera video showing inmate Quinntel Bagley escaping from police custody at a hospital in Lancaster Thursday afternoon.

Bagley is wanted for aggravated burglary and kidnapping after allegedly kidnapping a woman in Grove City Thursday morning.

Police said Bagley should be considered armed and dangerous. He is about 6 feet tall, 200 pounds and was last seen in southeast Columbus on Thursday afternoon wearing tan clothes.

In the bodycam video, two Grove City officers can be seen walking Bagley out of the hospital into a parking garage.

One male officer is holding Bagley in handcuffs and a female officer is in front of them.

Within seconds, Bagley is seen breaking away from the officers and started sprinting through the parking garage of the hospital, still handcuffed.

Both officers ran after him, but they couldn't keep up.

You then see Bagley run down a level of the parking garage.

From there, police said Bagley broke into a home and stole a car. That car was found at an apartment complex in southeast Columbus Thursday afternoon. Police searched extensively in that area, but could not find him.

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