Newborn kittens pulled out from near car's engine by Malaysian homeowner

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A homeowner in Malacca, Malaysia, managed to pull two newborn kittens out from near their car's engine.

Footage from September 23 shows the filmer pluck the two tiny kittens from out of the vehicle's hood.

The filmer told Newsflare: "When I started my car engine I saw a mother cat running out under my car, then I heard a slow sound of kittens meowing inside the hood of my car.

"I spent around 5 minutes just managed to spot the kittens as the kittens didn't cry and quite hard to find.

"As the kittens were at the corner side of the car hood so it was difficult to catch them, so I used a broom to shift them to middle and then I was just able to take them out one by one.

"I knew the mother cat would get the two little babies, so I just put them on the porch floor and after few minutes the mother cat gets her baby one by one to somewhere which is safer."

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