What keeps a man with one woman When They Become manger & supervisor Relationship

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What keeps a man with one woman is how they stick together without fighting or any type of disappointment. Many of us don't know what type of experience you are going to have because not everyone you spend time with is going to treat you the same. It is impossible to arrange your best love partner because you never know what is going to happen until you enter the trying zone searching for the right one. We all dream of having a good marriage, living in a big house with lots of money in the bank and children calling their mom and dad, but maybe you are the one who just wants a simple love life. To understand man and woman behavior, what keeps a man attracted to a woman? The way I see it, the answer is when two people believe they are the manager and supervisor of their everyday relationship. I speak about this topic in some of my video and audio content. When you are on your job, you will have some employees that get along with the manager and supervisor. If you pay attention, you will notice that whatever the problem, they deal with it in a professional way. They will call you to the office and speak to you. It is the same way we must look at our lives when you are in a relationship. Deal with the situation. The same, just don't be the bad load. Disrespectful supervisor or manager

What keeps a woman interested in a man? youtu.be/GundXFNvl20
If this woman has a strong mind and knows what she really wants out of this downline, in plain words, she is going to play her support supervisor role. because she noticed that the man in her earthly love life is managing and controlling what needs to be done. That means if the man is not acting right, it will only lead to another breakup. Women like to see men making moves, and most of all, making money. A man in marriage is way more different from a man playing the jump hump cheating arrogant field. A man in a real-life relationship has a lot of day-to-day responsibility because he has to work and find a way to pay the bills, keep a roof over his head, and take care of his wife and children. A strong woman who knows she was blessed with a powerful man will become a supervisor to help him with his keeping the family together action.  ebay.com/deals

What keeps a man attracted to a woman?
We all, as managers and supervisors, are different from a customer. If the supervisor and the manager don't open for business, the customer can't enter the store to browse or just look around for a woman who knows how to handle relationship problems. If she is definitely doing the right thing and the man she is dealing with has knowledge of what makes a good woman, he is going to do what it takes to continue the rules of relationship regulation: love and respect.

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