Spokane release fatal shooting of a suspect who put a knife against his 2-year-old nephew's throat

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For the first time, KREM 2 got an inside look at the moments that led to Spokane police shooting and killing 23-year-old Peterson Kamo.

Faces are covered to protect the identities of those involved. Body camera footage from officer Corrigan Mohondro shows there was just five minutes between the moment he left his car to when he shot at Kamo.

Officer Mohondro was the first to claim Kamo was holding a knife to a young child.

"I'm going to take it," Mohondro said. "I'm going to take it. He's got a knife to a baby."

With this knowledge, responding officers moved in and attempted to de-escalate the situation from the bottom of the stairwell.

"We want to help you, man," Officers said to Kamo. "Just put the kid down. Put the kid down and talk to us, man."

Kamo and the baby were upstairs, where Kamo claimed he poured kerosene on the carpet.

Officers say they couldn't tell exactly what they were up against with a wall in between them and Kamo.

"I don't know what's on the other side of that wall," an officer said.

SPD Captain Tom Hendren explains what officers could be thinking in moments like these.

"You start to evaluate," Hendren said. "How long do we wait? Do we sit here? We can't see what he's doing behind the corner. But, there's a risk associated with us pressing up that stairwell, too, that you have to evaluate. So, its an evaluation when they need to make a decision based on when they need to act to protect that life."

De-escalation efforts lasted three minutes before Cpl. Brandon Lynch made the decision. He explained that decision in a statement read by an SPD captain today.

"'I was out of time and any hesitation or delay whatsoever would undoubtedly resulted in the knife being stuck in the child's head," Lynch said. "I pointed my rifle near the male, briefly reoriented my red dot to make sure the child was not in it and pressed the trigger.'"

The first round didn't hit Kamo or the baby. Officer Mohondro and Cpl. Lynch each fired an additional round. After more shots, Kamo dropped to the ground. Officers say they began first-aid procedures. Kamo later died from his injuries.

The child was unharmed. A knife and camp fuel were taken into evidence. The Spokane County Prosecutor is still investigating the shooting.

Last month, the Kamo family filed a tort claim against the city of Spokane asking for up to $23 million in damages.

The family's attorney says they want justice for Kamo, their family and to bring awareness to acts of police violence.

KREM 2 reached out to the Kamo family's attorney for possible comment with the release of this body camera footage. The attorney says the family is not prepared to comment at this time, but this could change after further investigation.

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