Broken Arrow Police bodycam video shows a deadly shootout between police, man during a traffic stop

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Newly released body camera video from Broken Arrow Police shows a shootout between police and a man during a traffic stop that ended in the man’s death.

Police have not released many details about the shooting or what led up to it, but in the two minutes of body camera video, it shows how quickly things ended.

Broken Arrow Police say officers responded to a residential area near 131st and Aspen after being called around 8 Sunday night.

Officers aren’t sharing the reason for the call but say they found a vehicle related to it and made a traffic stop.

In the video, the officer gave commands to the driver of a pickup truck. The officer addressed the driver by name, who identified him as Troy Anspaw.

Police told Anspaw to put his hands out of the window and soon after to "Stop."

The camera didn't pick up what Anspaw was doing until the officer repositioned his patrol car and stepped out of the vehicle.

The officer noticed something wasn't right.

"Get that gun out of your hand,” the officer shouted before gunfire erupted.

Over the next 6 seconds, more than 20 shots were fired by police.

BAPD has not said whether or not the suspect fired at police, but does say Anspaw pointed the gun at officers.

About one minute after the last shot was fired and police were able to secure Anspaw's gun, officers began giving medical assistance.

The officer is heard asking what Anspaw was thinking when he pointed the gun at police.

“I wanted to die,” Anspaw replied.

Police say Anspaw was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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