Bodycam video shows fatal West Haven police shooting Jovan Washington, who wounded officer

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The Office of the Inspector General has released a preliminary report and body cam video of the fatal shooting by police of a West Haven man after he shot an officer.

Jovan Washington, 33, of West Haven, was killed on Dec. 1 while police responded to a report of domestic violence.

When West Haven officers arrived at an apartment building on Terrace Avenue, they spoke to a woman who told them Washington had attempted to strangle her and would not let her leave the apartment.

The officers went to a bedroom in the apartment and spoke to Washington, who was in bed. Officer Cody Bacon told Washington that he would be taken into custody and asked him if he wanted to put on a pair of pants. The body cam video shows that Washington got out of bed and was moving toward a closet when he suddenly turned and reached under the mattress for a gun.

A struggle broke out, and Washington fired one shot, striking Bacon in the leg. Officer Alex Triscritti then fired multiple times, striking Washington.

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Officers at the scene gave medical aid to Washington, and EMS rushed him to Yale New Haven Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Other police officers took Bacon to Yale New Haven for treatment for the gunshot wound to his upper leg.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said the cause of Washington’s death was gunshot wounds of torso and extremities.

No toxicological report was available at the time of the report's release.

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