Suspect who stolen a Milwaukee cruiser is arrested again after stealing a Shorewood police cruiser

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Shorewood police arrested a man for stealing a squad car as he awaited trial for stealing a different squad car.

Shorewood police video obtained by WISN 12 News shows the surprise of officers as the stolen squad is driven past them. An officer is heard asking, "Is that your squad? That’s your squad."

The other officer is seen keying his radio and heard saying, "Ah, someone just stole my squad. Westbound on Capitol." Within minutes, police flooded the area, finding the stolen squad car just a few blocks away. The suspect had already run off.

About 10 minutes later, Milwaukee officers found the suspect, 34-year-old Daniel Barton of Milwaukee, trying to hide inside a gym, but he was arrested inside.

It's not the first time Barton has been arrested for stealing a squad car. He was arrested in December near Richards and Burleigh streets after a Milwaukee officer said Barton stole his squad car during a traffic stop.

There's no video from inside the Shorewood squad, but according to the complaint from the Milwaukee incident, dash cameras captured the suspect "giggling as he drives off" before abandoning the squad and running away. That time, he was found hiding in a garbage can.

Barton was charged with misdemeanor car theft and was free awaiting trial at the time of his arrest Tuesday.

Shorewood Police Chief Heather Wurth said Wednesday they are "conducting a review of our practices" in the wake of the squad car theft.

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