Weekend Cinema - Dirt Floor Mechanics

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Repairing a Broken Crankshaft on a large CAT Engine.

'right...you're working outthatway and suddenly your CAT develops a Major Fault... not only damaged but a broken crankshaft.... The machine has to be stripped down... in many countries this would be deemed Terminal damage and not worth the financial costs so it'd be written off for scrap and a new machine sort.... but no so outthatway. And, the machine is needed asap.... step-in the Dirt Floor Mechanics from The Stan.

Oh, there's not a manual nor machine shop diagram available so it's a case of take it to bits and repair it. Interestingly, you can tell who the lead mechanic is with his calm demeanour the others take their cue from him...as for the price I'm not too sure but it'll be nothing like the six figure sum CAT would charge them.

Again, out of interest, because it rarely rains they can work wherever they like - who needs a 'workshop' (although they do have covered areas) to finance...and, most important, anything left out at night will still be there in the morning...there are no feral gangs of ne'er-do-well's looking to thieve and damage stuff lurking about at night (and no men who think they're wimin either...but that's another story) ...totally unorthodox methods to a western eye but that's it this isn't for a western-eye...they say ''fck them, it's for us. As mechanics go I think these critters are at the top of their trade - dirt floors or not.

As Usual: Caveats apply...we don't need to read about safety flip-flops and the like...You Know The Thing.

The person who took this vid goes by the name 'Pakistani Trucker' and it is to him I say thanks and what a great vid!

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