Louisville police bodycam shows officers saving unconscious newborn

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Quick action by Louisville Metro Police officers helped save a newborn who wasn't breathing.

LMPD posted a video on social media of Officers Noah Coal and Nick Greene. The two had stopped at a gas station when a man ran in asking for help.

The video shows them following the man to a red truck, where a young mother was holding seven-day-old baby girl who wasn't breathing.

"I need EMS code 3 for a newborn not breathing at Shorty's at 18th and Broadway," Cole said in the video.

While Cole used his radio to call for an ambulance, Greene took baby Emma from the mom and started to use the palm of his hand to gently perform back blows on the unconscious baby.

After a couple of blows, you can hear a faint cry as the baby responds.

"There we go. There we go. There we go," Greene said to the baby.

You can hear Emma's mom say "Thank you."

LMPD said in the post that Emma was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. The family told police that "she is home, happy and healthy."

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