Dashcam released after two men from Illinois are in custody after a wild chase in Pleasant Prairie

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Last Monday, Pleasant Prairie police spotted a car that was reported stolen, but when they began following the car, a chase ensued.

Police began the chase on Green Bay Road and headed North past the Kenosha water tower. The fleeing car led the officers through neighborhoods and back roads.

Kenosha County Police helped in the chase by blocking some of the roads from oncoming traffic.

The officers used Stop Sticks twice on the car, and the car eventually lost a tire, according to police.

One of the police in the chase tried to use their car to slow down the fleeing vehicle, but it continued to swerve and drive away. The suspect eventually hit one of the police cars, lost control, and crashed into a pine tree on the side of the road.

Two men were taken into custody after the pursuit. The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The driver was charged with operating a motor vehicle without owner's consent, fleeing and eluding, and second-degree reckless endangering safety. The passenger was taken into custody as a party to the crime of operating a vehicle without consent. He also has an outstanding warrant for the same crime.

The car was reported stolen from Lake County, Illinois.

PPPD's damaged car will be repaired and back on the road soon, according to the press release.

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