Body cam footage shows CPD officer fatally shoot 34-year-old man in Madisonville

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An officer shot and killed a 34-year-old man in Madisonville on Saturday evening, Interim Cincinnati Police Chief Teresa Theetge said.

The fatal shooting took place at approximately 5:15 p.m. in a UDF parking lot at the intersection of Red Bank and Madison roads.

Theetge said a 911 call came in for a silver Toyota that was driving erratically near Madison and Red Bank roads, and the driver was reportedly falling asleep at the wheel. CPD Officer Genesis Steele, who was in a single-officer unit Saturday, was dispatched to the call and located the Toyota in the UDF parking lot.

Body camera footage shows Steele approach the 34-year-old man, Leonard Brewington, when he reached into his car and pulled a high-point .9 millimeter handgun out and assumed a shooting stance with the gun pointed at her.

Steele fired five rounds and struck Brewington multiple times in the chest and groin. Theetge confirmed Brewington was taken to University Hospital where he died due to his injuries.

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