Perrysburg Mayor Tom Mackin has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence

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Perrysburg Mayor Tom Mackin has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence after an incident Saturday night.

Perrysburg Municipal Court records show Mackin, 59, was pulled over shortly after 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Details of the stop were not available Monday morning, but Mackin is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in municipal court Tuesday afternoon on an OVI charge.

According to court records, a blood-alcohol test showed Mackin's blood-alcohol content to be 0.035%.

In a full report, Perrysburg police said an officer observed a vehicle traveling south on state Route 25 toward the red light on West Indiana Avenue. According to the report, the vehicle made a "late and abrupt lane change" into the left turn lane to turn onto West Indiana Avenue.

The officer drove their vehicle behind the vehicle in question and noticed it was stopped in the crosswalk past the white stop bar for the intersection. After the vehicle turned left, it crossed the center double yellow line before returning to the lane of travel and continued west, where it swerved in the lane, going from the center lane line to the fog line and back several times, the officer claimed.

As they approached the curve of West Indiana Avenue near Fort Meigs, the vehicle continued swerving between the center of the lane and the fog line several times, and ultimately crossed the solid white fog line by half a tire length, police said. The officer then initiated a traffic stop.

The officer then asked the driver, Mackin, for his registration. According to the report, when asked for his vehicle insurance information, Mackin instead provided the officer with a maintenance card, then vehicle loan information and registration information.

The officer then asked Mackin where he had been and if he had had anything to drink. Mackin then allegedly told the officer he had been to a basketball game, went to the Sidelines and had drunk "one short Miller Lite."

Mackin then allegedly searched for his insurance again, examined the maintenance card and told police he could not find it since the vehicle was insured through his company. The officer claimed in the report he observed a "light odor of intoxicating beverage" coming from the vehicle, and described Mackin's eyes as bloodshot and glassy.

The officer then asked Mackin to exit his vehicle and conducted a vision sobriety test. The officer claimed Mackin had equal tracking and pupil size, but displayed a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes. The smell of alcohol was also more prominent during the test, police said.

The officer then conducted a walk-and-turn test. According to the report, Mackin struggled to stay in place at the starting position due to losing his balance, and had to stop to steady himself multiple times during the walking portion of the test.

The officer then told Mackin he would begin a third test and instructed him to not move until he told him to start, but Mackin reportedly lifted his leg to start the test early. During the third test, he raised his arms over six inches several times, swayed and lost his balance several times.

At that point, the officer placed Mackin under arrest for OVI and transported him to the division's temporary holding facility, where he conducted a breath test that returned a BAC of 0.035%. Mackin was charged with OVI and cited for driving outside of marked lanes. He was picked up by a valid driver.

Mackin is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

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