Columbia County deputies pulls over wrong ambulance after one was recently stolen, dash cam shows

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After an ambulance was stolen in Columbia County late Saturday night, deputies pulled over the wrong ambulance -- which had a patient inside.

An ambulance was stolen by a man who was being treated after possibly taking drugs and acting erratic. He ended up driving onto the Columbia County Sheriff's Office lawn, where he was arrested.

Body worn camera video shows two deputies pull over another ambulance traveling in the county, which was transporting a patient.

The Colombia County Sheriff's Office has responded to First Coast News' request for comment. A sheriff's office spokesman said the deputy acted within agency policy, and it was unfortunate the ambulance happened to be in the same area as the one that was stolen.

"Sometimes, mistakes in identity can occur, and this was one of those times. The deputy’s camera footage was reviewed and revealed that the deputy acted in accordance with his training and within policy," Sgt. Steven Khachigan said. "While we regret the brief inconvenience this may have caused, we will never regret doing everything within our power to proactively keep our community and citizens safe. Sheriff (Mark) Hunter has explained our position to the division manager for Amerimed, and we feel that any misunderstanding between our respective agencies has been resolved."

The footage was recorded just after midnight Sunday.

The officer in the driver's seat pulls out a gun, screaming at the ambulance driver, Daniel Alderman: "Let me see your hands. Step out of the ambulance. Let me see your hands. Step out now."

One of the deputies says into his radio: "We've got one at gunpoint."

Alderman gets out with his hands up.

One of the deputies says: "Is that-- who is this?"

The deputy holding the gun asks Alderman: "Who's in the ambulance with you?"

Alderman says, "My partner and a patient."

Confused, the deputy says, "A patient?" He pauses. "Okay... We were advised that the patient took the van."

Alderman responds, "What?"

The deputy driving and the deputy in the passenger seat get out. They tell Alderman to approach and that he's "good."

Sirens can be heard in the background as one of the deputies asks him if he's seen another ambulance.

Alderman replies, "I don't know."

The officers then start rushing him to get back into the ambulance. "You're good. Get in your van. Get in your van. Get in your van!" While the police officer is ordering him, Alderman can be heard asking, "What is happening?"

The officers get back into the car. Someone over the radio tells them, "That's the wrong ambulance. I'm behind an ambulance right now. 10-4, he's coming up to ya." They drive away without explaining to Alderman what happened.

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